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Goldstar Software Utilities: PSConfig

Powerful Web/Command-Line Setup & Monitor Tool
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The mother of all Pervasive administrative tools! PSConfig allows you to use the command line or a batch file to do the following administrative tasks on your local or remote Pervasive.SQL 2000i or newer database engines:

  • Access Pervasive.SQL configuration data:
    • Print configuration reports
    • Save (and later re-load) database configuration data
    • Display Named Database information
    • Display ODBC Data Source Name information
    • Display Database Engine Version
  • Monitor your database server in several ways:
    • MKDE Users (including extended information and totals -- something the PSQL Monitor doesn't even provide!)
    • MKDE Files in Use (including extended information, like file size, time opened, etc.)
    • MKDE Files With Locked Records
    • MKDE Resource Usage (New in v3.6: Including PSQL Vx License Data)
    • MKDE Communications Statistics
    • SRDE Users
    • New in v3.6: Database Engine Uptime
    • New in v3.7: PSQL v11 PerfMon Counters!
  • Disconnect users from the database that meet a given criteria:
    • One specific SQL user connection
    • All SQL users
    • All SQL users from a given TCP or SPX address
    • One specific MKDE user connection
    • All MKDE users
    • All MKDE users from a given TCP or SPX address
    • All MKDE users with a lock on a given file
    • All MKDE users with a given file open
    • All MKDE users with a file in a given path open
    • All SQL/MKDE users with a given user name
  • Display File System Information:
    • Free Disk Space on Any Visible Volume

PSConfig also has Web/CGI scripting capability to access all functions completely from a web server (like IIS)! This provides a full-featured Pervasive.SQL Monitor utility that is accessible from ANY computer on the Internet -- with even more features than the Pervasive Monitor!

PSConfig can be purchased as a single-user license or as a LAN site license. We can also provide licensing information for developers if you are interested in including PSConfig within your application for use for monitoring databases or performing other maintenance tasks. Contact us for details!

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